Spirals - Mba-Kayere

When you start seeing spirals instead of a circle
Gather parts to admire and make them immortal
Alter sparks with no fire that come from internal
Color stalks to aspire, get buried in journal

That shift from a silence to subtracted scream
A compass of daydream comprising the scheme
The parenting child of hopeless ɾegime
Offended by offspring gets blind for [Dm7] extɾeme

Argentum ɾeflects as soon [C7] as it acts
Our genes made of wax with wick that ɾejects
You're less than insect if you [A7] just expect
That you [A7] will tɾade in and [Bm] simply collect

Appear. Without a ɾeason
Severe. The hollow season
Premiere. Before a complete sun
I'm here. Will be [Am] your own kill star