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Flesh And Blood - No Innocent Victim

My friend's flesh and blood
She lies overtime
You'd nail her if you could
But she says
Love me for my
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22 Avril - Mvlo

C'est vrai que j'ai mis longtemps avant d'arrêter de fuir
J'ai souvent choisis de regretter au lieu de
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Zucchero Amaro - Natas

Guardarti in faccia non ci riesco
Nato introverso non parlo con me stesso
Quello che cerco è quello che ho già
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Danger Bird - Neil Young - Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Danger bird, he flies alone
And he rides the wind back to his home
Although his wings have turned to
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Let This Be All - Nemesea

I want you to lay me down
I want you to close your eyes and still see me
I want you to hold me close even when
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Así Nacimos - Mystery

En esto la fama y el dinero vienen sobrando
Varias nenas me están texteando
Pero eso qué importa
Pa' eso no
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Danger - MYW

All the way on the West Coast
Move away onto some big things
Talk about indecision
Being a hypocrite
In a
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Two Of Us - Ramsey Lewis

Some would rather go it all alone
And never spend time finding where their heart belongs
Some prefer to love and
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The Winds Of Sin - Nightmare

I am the chosen one the evil child in black
I am the angel of sin
Endoctrinated, ready to attack
The blood I
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Echos - Needtobreathe

You did it to yourself
Now your all by your self
Acting like you hate me

Here's To The Life - MxPx

I have always tried to find
A little place that I could get away for a while
And now I'm noticing that
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Get Some Go Again - Henry Rollins - Mother Superior

One look in my eyes and you know what I came here for
One look in my eyes and you know what I came here for
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Don't Want Your Chain, I Want Your Life - MVX

I don't want your chain
I want your motherfucking life
Say your prayers
Down the barrel of the pipe
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El Palomo - Kevin Johansen - Nada

Como un palomo en celo
Me desvelo por ti
Doy vueltas como un trompo
Y me rompo para ti
En medio de mi
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Traimela A Mi - Mr Brown

No puedo olvidar
Tu carita angelical
Pero santa
Traimela a mi
Te aseguro que la cuidaré
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Wake Up Stay Up - Mr Aborga featuring Solid K

We used to dream bout food now we go fi dinner
It never make we feel like seh we haffi give up
Strong mind and
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Why - Myron Wright

I got a heart full of gold and my soul is passionate
Nobody ever wanted to rap when I was on that "rapper
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O Astronauta De Marmore (Starman) (Ao Vivo) - Nenhum de Nos

A lua inteira agora
É um manto negro
Oh! Oh!
O fim das vozes no meu rádio
Oh! Oh!
São quatro
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Higher Than Yesterday - LØSTBØY

I'm smoking good and bitch I levitate
You wanna argue I wanna elevate
Like a doctor how I medicate
She woke
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Se Dig - Mwuana

Hon behöver vara långt ifrån
Hon behöver vara långt från mig yeah
Hon behöver vara långt ifrån
Hon behöver
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We Got The Clout - Mia X - Mystikal

featuring Mia X
bitch we ain't your standard his and hers rap duo X2
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Dead In Ten - Nunslaughter

Now has come the time to reflect on life well spent
Music People Travels and what it all has meant - Dead in
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Le Feu Qui M'inonde - Myckaël Marcovic

Le feu qui m'inonde
Pour avoir trop pensé
Peut-être de travers
Mais sans vouloir blesser
Personne sur la
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Lapdance (Freeform Reform) - Lee Harvey - Vita - N.E.R.D.

Dirty Dog
I'm, I'm a dirty dog
I'm a dirty dog
I'm, I'm a dirty dog

Vegetarian Mumbo Jumbo - NOFX

I, I don't want tofu
I'd rather have a mouthful of beef stew
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