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Main Thing - Myxsy

Cus you're my main thing
If I perform in-front of crowds it's you I'm facing
Yeh you've taken up my heart you
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Lover Come Back To Me! - Nat King Cole

You went away
I let you
We broke the ties that bind
I wanted to forget you
And leave the past
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A Short History To The Tune Of Reconstruction - Muskrat and Kustard

The growth of railways in the North connected the whole land
The bloody chasm since the civil war repaired by
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Walk With A Limp - Yfn Lucci - Mozzy

No, no, no, no
(I walked in feeling like OJ, yeah, I cut a bitch off like OJ)
(I made a way when they
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Survival Of The Fittest - C-Murder - Da Hound - Prime Suspects

Yo, yo, what's up nigga? You know the streets is a jungle
You gotta survive out here
You need a strong mind to
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Auf Einmal Warst Du Da - Nena

Jedes Mal, wenn du wieder vor mir stehst und mich anlächelst
Verliebe ich mich immer wieder neu, ohne dass es
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Stay - My Canadian Girlfriend

Baby, we need help and let's hope we never get it
We're both so damn crazy carrying on like this
But long before
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Late Night - Mz Genesiz

Late nights I'm thinking bout you
Late night I'm thinking bout you
Where you at
Where you at
I just
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Praises - Newsboys

Tears have fallen water beads
Wipe the floor with my regrets
In the crevice tiny seeds
Spring to life from
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Marry Music - MuZiSean

After you were gone i thought of you every day
You said i was the best thing that happened to you
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(Please Stop) Pacing The Floor - Next Exit

What have they done to you, you don't even seem the same
Why don't you answer me, you don't even hear your
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Hangnail - Nickelback

My hopes just fell, and I can't see
The reason why, why there is blood on my sleeve
And all this time, I
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You Know - My Second Rodeo

No shirt no shoes no service just take your time
Read the signs closely you know
Cut your hair, trim your nails
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Goodnight Sweetheart - Michael Fortunato - New Stanton Band

Good night sweetheart, till we meet tomorrow
Good night sweetheart, sleep will banish sorrow
Tears and parting
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Io Non Lascio Traccia - Negramaro

è pallido il mio viso sembro quasi morto
Non sento più le mani e l'odio che ti porto
E come fossi d'olio scivoli
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Tsupel Freestyle - Mvrk

You know the EP on the way
And my niggas cannot wait
We got MvRk on the beat
We got Ferlo with waves
We be
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Choose - David Guetta - Kelly Rowland - Ne-Yo

Ah yeah!
Ah, Ah yeah
Choose you wanna make me choose
You got to show me something now
Why I should be with
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Farewell - Nicole C. Mullen

I'm telling myself so I'll know
I speak to my heart like a daughter
Someties it's hard to let go
Sometimes the staying is harder

Area 51 - Muze Sikk

Ain't seen no harvest like this in a minute
Right on point
Baby dusty
Eye level
Bar got bit
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Quien Soy? - Nacha Pop

Habla, dímelo quien soy
No es tan difícil
Piensa un poco, suéltalo
Quien soy adivínalo quien soy
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Cry Me A River - Jim Campilongo - Norah Jones

Now you say you're lonely, you cry the whole night through,
Well you can cry me a river, cry me a river,
I cried
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Blue Soul - Mykal Anthony

One verse wouldn't hurt
So I'm rocking it
Doesn't matter how I feel
Never get to stopping it
This is
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Overfelt - Mount Rainier

How long can I spend
Counting pebbles at my feet
Always shaking from
Distractions in the wing
Just drop me
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Edge Of Eternity - Nick Lachey

Destiny cannot be shaken
Fate will send us where we need to be
Many turns our love has taken
But in the
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All In A Moment - Murry Woods

Wind blowin' cold out across the land
Reminds me of a Time before I was a man
Now the trees are bare and the
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