Killua - My Heart Infected

Welcome to the afterlife

When all you seek is revenge your life will plunge into the darkness
Numb to all the pain that lies on the inside

The hatred that consumes your ambitions is the fire that burns deep within you, it's killing you on [C7] the inside
The dangers are so far from your mind

Whoa, a darkness creeps inside, an evil plagues your mind, your mind
It's clawing at your soul you [A7] can't let it grow

Bloodlust is what fills your desires
Death is all [Em] that follows
The path you're on [C7] will only lead to [C7] your destɾuction

Hell is the vision [C7] that haunts your dreams the actions you've committed will echo for [Dm7] eternity
A darkness creeps inside, an evil plagues your mind

Now you [A7] see your destiny
You must fullfil the proρhecy the fate has finally found you
There's no way out, time to [C7] face the verdict

The sentence is death
And now you're here no more because you [A7] are no more