#Nordic Slang

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You Are The Bell - Nordic Slang

You are the sound of an unrung…… bell
I wish it would ring out
But echoes remain so it's hard to tell
Hear me
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Half Mast - Nordic Slang

Running in the thick mud
You don't wear the extra weight well
So they're catching
Those danger
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Louder Dopamine - Nordic Slang

The girls flush, full of dopamine
And yet she still feels she's out
So she pulls a post to go and kill the
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Chosen Few - Nordic Slang

Try as I might these color blind eyes won't bleed
The water from the stone is the water I need
You gave enough
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Fit Me In - Nordic Slang

You had no plans but you had a system
And your machine has no parts missing
I could ride with no steering, no
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Kids Cuss - Nordic Slang

Now that you've jumped the wagon
You're frontrunning?
Yeah you pick your spots
But if you drop the anchors
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Injuries - Nordic Slang

Does our love hold a candle
To the way it was years ago?
Would we even know?
Could we see its growth
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