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Life - Nola Reign

I'll be going in the morning let me chill for the night I aint asking for no money just a little bit advice and I... See more

Stars Align - Nola Reign

Song Title: Stars Align
Chorus One:
I ya ya I ya ya i ya ya ya ya ya ya I ya ya I ya ya i ya ya ya ya ya
... See more

Come Back - Nola Reign

Silly of me for thinking that we could ever be friends silly of you for telling the truth knowing I wouldn't trust you... See more

Remember - Nola Reign

I'm sure they'll love you when you're gone but let's just keep it real here what good is all the flowers why not ... See more

Rise - Nola Reign

I'm just a black man in America to the morgue is where they carry us and bury us I seen the blood on the street and it... See more

Stock Market - Nola Reign

No cap I blow the money i'm making it back they look at me funny they act like they mad I take a track and turn it... See more

Pull Up - Nola Reign

Pull up and smash I'm good with the cash I'm good with the hate take the good with the bad but I never good with... See more

Off The Wall - Nola Reign

Shorty bad walked up on me ooh you feeling yourself she know I'm hot fresh off the block just played the hand I was... See more

Let Go - Nola Reign

Pack My bags and fly away pack my bags and fly pack my bags and fly away
This ain't working guess all the pain
... See more

Lafitte - Nola Reign

Them forgies is clean ridding in the belly at a beast where they don't really know no peace the money leaning everyone... See more

Dead Wrong - Nola Reign

They send shots and they can't reach you send shots and it's to lethal should be a sin to be fake going against your... See more

Glitter - Nola Reign

I wake up with the chills every day your next to me feel heavenly I ask my self with I do to deserve it just let it be... See more