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Lock-Sport-Krock - Nikola Sarcevic

It's been a tough time for you
But I've never seen you cry
The last time that I saw you
I never got to say goodbye

Nobody Without You - Nikola Sarcevic

I'm nobody without you,
Just a shell,
I'm like a flower with no smell,
It's a living hell.

You Make My World Go Around - Nikola Sarcevic

I'm losing my friends for you tonight
'Cause' there is no one
But you who makes me feel alright
We've had our times of ups and downs

Mirror Man - Nikola Sarcevic

Hey Mirror man,
I know these days are hard times for you
But don't be fooled by what you see with your two
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Glue Girl - Nikola Sarcevic

Hey little girl, where are you going
I know I have to change or you're gonna leave
But hey little girl, my
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Vila Rada - Nikola Sarcevic

Someone told me that you where gone now,
You took off to the other side
It's no ones fault, no you just made up
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