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When You Wish Upon A Star - Metropole Orchestra - Nick Brignola

When a star is born
They possess a gift or two
One of them is this
They have the power to make a wish come true

I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You - Nick Brignola

I need your love so badly, I love you, oh, so madly
But I don't stand a ghost of a chance with you!
I thought at
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Everything Happens To Me - Nick Brignola

Black cats creep across my path
Until I'm almost mad
I must have 'roused the devil's wrath
Cause all my luck
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Speak Low - Nick Brignola

Speak low when you speak, love,
Our summer day withers away
Too soon, too soon.
Speak low when you speak
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You Go To My Head - Nick Brignola

You go to my head
And you linger like a haunting refrain
And I find you spinning round in my brain
Like the
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I Wish I Knew - Nick Brignola

I wish I knew someone like you could love me
I wish I knew you place no one above me
Did I mistake this for a
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My Foolish Heart - Nick Brignola

The night is like a lovely tune
Beware my foolish heart
How white the ever constant moon
Take care my foolish heart

In A Sentimental Mood - Nick Brignola

In A Sentimental Mood
I can see the stars come thru my room
While your loving attitude
Is like a flame that
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Star Eyes - Nick Brignola

Star eyes,
That to me is what your eyes are,
Soft as stars in April skies are,
Tell me some day you'll
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Body And Soul - Nick Brignola

My heart is sad and lonely
For you I sigh, for you dear only
Why haven't you seen it
I'm all for you body and
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When Lights Are Low - Nick Brignola

Listen to the melody entrancing
Blending in a soft and sweet refrain
As around the floor, dear, we are
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More Than You Know - Nick Brignola

Whether you are here or yonder,
Whether you are false or true
Whether you remain or wander,
I'm growing
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