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There's A Light Beyond These Woods - Nanci Griffith

There's a light beyond these woods, Mary Margaret.
Do you think that we will go there,
And see what makes it
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So Long Ago - Nanci Griffith

My daddy sent me on to Baton Rouge in 1969
He said our love was like a forest fire and he'd end it with a
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Wheels - Nanci Griffith

He took a plane to New York City
To chase his fortune on the Wall Street plan
Now he is stranded in
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Flyer - Nanci Griffith

He was a flyer for the Air Force
On a plane from San Antonio
I was traveling to London
He was going off to
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San Diego Serenade - Nanci Griffith

Never saw the morning till I stayed up all night
Never saw the sunshine till I turned out the light
Never saw my
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Two For The Road - Nanci Griffith

Out of the blue horizon
Stretched a band of gold
From the straits of Juan De Fuca
To the east of Portland
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Time Of Inconvenience - Nanci Griffith

We're living in a time of inconvenience
Compassion fails me with this meanness in the air
Our city streets are
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Walk Right Back - Nanci Griffith

I want you to tell me why you walked out on me
I'm so lonesome every day
I want you to know that since you
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Workin' In Corners - Nanci Griffith

It's a southern road west of New Orleans
I'm fightin' off a cold
From these winter rounds
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You Can't Go Home - Nanci Griffith

So much silence to my hometown streets
Gonna put my cheek to the window and watch it sleep
Where the shadow's
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Tonight I Think I'm Gonna Go Downtown - Nanci Griffith

Tonight I think I'm gonna go downtown
Tonight I think I'm gonna look around
For something that I couldn't
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Love In A Memory - Nanci Griffith

She sleeps alone in the warm nights of Memphis
Where the Peabody Hotel meets the velveteen sky
She sings like
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Going Back To Georgia - Nanci Griffith

Oh the city snow makes your brown eyes shine
We've gotta look real hard to find a reason to cry
New York, New
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Hard Times Come Again No More - Nanci Griffith

Let us pause in life's pleasures and count its many tears
While we all sup sorrow with the poor
There's a song
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Down 'N' Outer - Nanci Griffith

I once was a lot like you
We share a dream I couldn't make come true
I was a child who wrote my name
Across a
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What's That I Hear - Nanci Griffith

What is that sound ringing in my ears
I've heard that sound before
What's that I hear ringing in my ears
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Drive-In Movies And Dashboards Lights - Nanci Griffith

Sister had a crystal voice
She played a Silverstone from Montgomery Ward
Baez songs and Monroe hair
She sure
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Ford Econoline - Nanci Griffith

She drove west from Salt Lake City to the California coastline.
She hit the San Diego Freeway doing sixty miles an
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Hometown Streets - Nanci Griffith

Everybody packs their goals
And sails away for better shores
I have seen times
My sails have held a brilliant
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You Made This Love A Teardrop - Nanci Griffith

What've you got to say for yourself now, baby, now that I am leaving you,
What have you got to lose?
The truth
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Mountain Of Sorrow - Nanci Griffith

Easy come, easy go
Anything but easyâ?¦though
You were here, now you're gone
That's the only thing I
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Not My Way Home - Nanci Griffith

I know you believe in miracles
That this love will come back around
I know you believe the grass is
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Wouldn't That Be Fine - Nanci Griffith

If you could stand behind my eyes for just one day
Could you see my heart beside you?
If you knew my love had
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He Was A Friend Of Mine - Nanci Griffith

He was a friend of mine
He was a friend of mine
Never had no money
To pay for his
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Everything's Comin' Up Roses - Nanci Griffith

This life is filled with wonder
This life is full of days not spent
Oh I cannot help but ponder
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