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Right Place Wrong T!Me - Mykel Kip

Living but I'm dying, too much damage left inside
Only trust in benji, that's my only ride or die
F*ck only
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Vow! - Mykel Kip

I'ma give this shit my all
I am the fall back no one to call
I don't want to live at all
What is happiness
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Race Against Time - Mykel Kip

I'm racing against time
Grim reaper calling but I will not die
Got so much to achieve in this life
They say I
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F!Nd M3 - Mykel Kip

Where have you been
Lost in the distance
Where have you been
Somethings been missing
Life ain't the
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Loneliness - Mykel Kip

I don't remember what happiness is, it's been so long
What is love, what is comfort I've been on my own
I just
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