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Tomorrow - My Sunday

Why don't you wake up tonight
And stay with me till tomorrow?
Why don't you wake up tonight
And wait with me
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Things I Should Know - My Sunday

Don't bring me down
After all I am still by your side
You should know
Don't bring me down
Things may
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Step By Step - My Sunday

Step by step I'll get out of here
Get out of the mud, escape from the greed
Step by step at last I'll be
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Colors - My Sunday

Haven't heard from you for a long time
Are you still the same old brother?
I don't know whose side you are
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Cruising - My Sunday

I will stop sleeping on the couch of my friends
I will stop fumbling in my pocket in search
Of a reason to stay
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Running Man - My Sunday

I was watching through the window
Of a train moving too fast
Thinking of all good things I may have lost
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Someday, Only Love - My Sunday

Everybody wants to fall in love
As it makes you feel all right
Everybody wants to fall in love
As it makes
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By The Seashore - My Sunday

You can find me down by the seashore
Collecting broken shells in my hands
You can find me easily
There'll be
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Any Bad Day - My Sunday

I'm not easily misguided
And I paid for my mistakes
There ain't too much I can rely on
And I can still feel
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