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Chasing Dreams (Jack And Jill) - Moylee

Jack is running running running
He can't stop now, he's come so far
There's no looking back
Jill is running
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Wake Up Wake Up - Moylee

Drink my coffee in the morning
It's the same routine on daily
Looking at my watch to tell me when I gotta go and
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Weekend Dreaming - Moylee

Weekend dreaming is what you're looking for
Do what you want what you really really want
Weekend dreaming is
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Back To You - Moylee

Come on come on come on back to me
Cause I wanna to go back to you
Come on come on come on back to me
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This My Mississauga - Moylee

Hey this my Mississauga
Cruising along the way, yo hey
Know we rising up
Pushing all the way
Yo it’s
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