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Ebb Tide - New Hawaiian Band

First the tide rushes in, plants a kiss on the shore
Then rolls out to sea and the sea is very still once
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Lock-Sport-Krock - Nikola Sarcevic

It's been a tough time for you
But I've never seen you cry
The last time that I saw you
I never got to say goodbye

Where You’ll Find Me Now - Neutral Milk Hotel

All I perceive is wasted and broken
Silvery streams, sacred when spoken
Slam into me and into the ditch of
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Killua - My Heart Infected

Welcome to the afterlife
When all you seek is revenge your life will plunge into the darkness
Numb to all
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Lesson #124-2 - My Version of It

Wheels Down, Lock Them Wheels
There's a lot of people on this Earth
Some of them they ain't much
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Notice Me - Angelina

Ohh I want to let you know
That I'll always love you baby
Sometime I think about
Everything that we've
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Where Do You Go - José Luis Meléndez

Where do you go, my lovely
Where do you go
I want to know, my lovely, I want to know
Where do you go, oh
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Movimiento - Motochorro

Tu movimiento es mi poder
Es alimento, es como nacer
No hay sangrientos, no hay terror
Solo es un viento en
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Freestyle Posé Ii - mvN

En resine pou cannalisé
Combien rêves pour réalisé
En gros bad bitch kon alizé
En gros loto, en gros
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How? - MyNameIsJay

How you just gone do me like that
Like that
How you just gone play me like that
(Play me like
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Spirals - Mba-Kayere

When you start seeing spirals instead of a circle
Gather parts to admire and make them immortal
Alter sparks
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There's A Light Beyond These Woods - Nanci Griffith

There's a light beyond these woods, Mary Margaret.
Do you think that we will go there,
And see what makes it
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Basta Uno Sguardo - Nek

L'atmosfera è giusta intono a noi
luci basse ed il locale ok
faccio il disinvolto, scherzo ma
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Nhie - DanSully - Jeremy Rosinger - My Favorite Color

Never have I ever went the wrong way
Never have I , I tell er never have I
I said
Never have I never took the long way ,

Boo-Hoo - Mustang

Du fond de vos maisons
Vous êtes mignons
Mais vous n'êtes à l'abri de rien
Du fond de vos
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Tomorrow - My Sunday

Why don't you wake up tonight
And stay with me till tomorrow?
Why don't you wake up tonight
And wait with me
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Ataque Diabético - Bloody Sky Tears

Necesito apagar mi corazón
Pues mi cerebro ha pensado demasiado
Hoy quiero vendar la pasión
Aquella que me
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I Love - Morgan Heritage - Natiruts

I love, I love
Seu jeito de existir
I love, I love
Você estar aqui
I love, I love
Te amar, te ver livre
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Barça Forması - MustowW

İki adam çıktık yola durmadan
Basmaya devam önden ve arkadan
Disiplin suçu o-okuldayım
Üstümde halen ''Barça
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Miscommunication - moshimothi

It's 6 a.m. and I can't go to sleep
My heart beats fast but I know that words are cheap, yeah
Gonna wait just to
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Chasing Dreams (Jack And Jill) - Moylee

Jack is running running running
He can't stop now, he's come so far
There's no looking back
Jill is running
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Auf Messers Schneide - Nicole

Irgendwann muss ich es sagen
Irgendwann ist es soweit
Irgendwann musst du sie tragen
Die Last wie ein
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When You Wish Upon A Star - Metropole Orchestra - Nick Brignola

When a star is born
They possess a gift or two
One of them is this
They have the power to make a wish come true

It's Too Late - Paradise Lost - Nick Holmes

Feared and loathed besides
It's such a tragedy
I've seen all others try
It ends in misery
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Right Place Wrong T!Me - Mykel Kip

Living but I'm dying, too much damage left inside
Only trust in benji, that's my only ride or die
F*ck only
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